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Helping People Become Their Own Boss & Enhance Their Financial Insights!
How often have you thought about Being Your Own Boss (BYOB)?

It begins with a dream and then taking small steps to make it happen.

BYOB involves tapping into your entrepreneurial passion, finding viable ideas that
ignite your enthusiasm and taking steps to make it happen.

Another aspect of achieving one’s dreams includes financial realism.

The ways in which Maya encourages people in the process includes seminars,
public speaking and books.

Dare To Be Your Own Boss: Follow Your Passion, Create a Niche helps people
create a business that is both viable and a good fit. And an upcoming book focuses on
financial literacy and well-being.

Maya has presented over 500 seminars and classes at community colleges,
organizations and WA CASH (now Ventures).

Equipped with an MBA, her career includes positions as a controller, stockbroker, account
manager and entrepreneur.

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Being your own boss (BYOB) can be like riding a roller coaster. It is empowering, stimulating
and overwhelming at the same time. You won't be bored!

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Dare To BYOB empowers people to be their own
boss by tapping into their vocational passion,
exploring opportunities and creating a venture
that ignites one's enthusiasm.

The book was written to serve people who desire
to be their own boss and make a difference in
their own unique way.

It is an invaluable resource for business startups.

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