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The Winding Path of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs like change. About every five years, I reinvent my career
moving on to new opportunities acquiring knowledge and skills along
the way.

After five years as a stockbroker, I decided to pursue my dream of
owning a business. As I was exploring various ideas there was an
emerging concept that sparked my enthusiasm—temporary executives.

It involved recruiting executives and finding positions for them on a
short-term basis. This could be as an interim manager, overseeing
special projects or other professional responsibilities.

After doing research, developing a detailed plan, and engaging
executives I launched CorporatArm, Inc.

What I didn’t consider in the planning process was how long it would
take to obtain sales. It required an educational process of the “why” and
“how” to utilize these seasoned professionals.

After two years I  cut my losses, closed the company and moved from
the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest.

My next venture was a seminar and training business. I contracted with
community colleges and other organizations presenting a variety of
topics including financial literacy, career passion and starting a
business, (I had gained knowledge about what “not to do” in my
CorporatArm venture).

Achieving Dreams

While presenting seminars and classes on how to start a business,
it became apparent that many people were not passionate about the
type of enterprise they were creating. Many selected an idea that they
thought would make money but didn’t ignite their enthusiasm.

So I wrote a book, which began as a seminar, entitled
Are You Meant to Be Your Own Boss? For various reasons I didn’t
publish it at the time  and continued with teaching contracts.

While in the marketing process to find additional clients, a recruiter
contacted me about an account manager position with a software
company. The position involved project management, training, and
traveling; it seemed like an adventure and I accepted the position.

After six years on the road, the idea of revising my book kept calling
to me. I was at a point where I intuitively knew that if I was ever going to
rewrite it—the time was now.

Taking a leap of faith—I quit a good job and once again became
my own boss writing books and presenting seminars.

After substantially revising the manuscript, I changed the title to
Dare To Be Your Own Boss: Follow Your Passion, Create a Niche.
their enthusiasm and taking steps to launch
a business is part of the services I offer.

Helping people enhance their financial
insights is another aspect of inspiring
people to achieve their dreams.

Services include training, seminars, writing
and books.

Over the years, I have helped many individuals
pursue their dreams through hundreds of seminars
and presentations on topics such as starting a
business, financial literacy and career passion.

Equipped with an MBA, I embarked on a career that
includes positions as a Controller, Stockbroker, Project
Manager and Entrepreneur.

Seminars and presentations can be customized
to achieve a group's goals.

I would enjoy working with you. To arrange a
seminar or presentation please
contact me

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Helping people follow their passion, start a business
and enhance financial insight is the essence
of my business.

Inspiring individuals to do what they love and make a
difference in their own unique way!

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