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Professional book reviewers gave excellent
ratings on Maya's book
Dare to Be Your
Own Boss: Follow Your Passion, Create a

“Clearly and cogently written, a
thought-provoking book that provides
useful guidance to entrepreneurial
risk takers as well as a treasure trove
of potential business ideas."
- Kirkus

The book was chosen by Kirkus Reviews as
"Indie Books of the Month

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About Maya Sullivan

Maya helps empower people to enhance their financial insights and
become their own boss.

She is passionate about helping people take positive actions to prevent
identity theft and scams. An interactive presentation style engages participants in
the learning process and inspires them to be aware, alert and proactive.

Maya has presented over 500 seminars and classes at community colleges,
libraries and organizations on a variety of topics including business and
financial literacy.

Kirkus Reviews selected her book,
Dare To Be Your Own Boss: Follow Your
Passion, Create a Nich
e, as an Indie Books of the Month Selection.

Equipped with an MBA, her career includes positions as a controller, financial
analyst, stockbroker, account manager and entrepreneur.

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Maya  Sullivan

Seminars ~ Presentations
      Participants consistently give Maya high ratings for
           knowledge, encouragement and inspiration.

Preventing Identity Theft & Scams: How to Be Aware, Alert & Proactive

Scams and identity theft are escalating. Ingenious ways are being created daily to
compromise a person's identity and good credit. A stolen identity
enables a thief to get credit cards, loans, healthcare and more in your name.

We will explore various types of identity theft and scams. You will learn how fraudsters
obtain your information and how they try to trick you.  

Other topics include ways to help protect your name and assets such as setting alerts,
credit freezes, obtaining credit reports, discovering if you are on the dark web and
other helpful tips.

This class will help empower you to become more aware, alert and proactive.

Workshop Objectives - You will:

1. Learn about 12 types of identity theft and prevention tips

2. Assess your vulnerability to fraudsters and explore 15 ways to thwart thieves

3. Learn about scams and some of the ways con artists may try to trick you

4. Review a list of powerful actions to protect your name and assets

5. Receive a list or resources including how to report ID theft and scams

The book:

Preventing ID Theft & Scams: How to Be Aware, Alert & Proactive

                will be available June 1, 2021

     at Amazon, independent bookstores and libraries.

Protecting Your Business from Impostors, Swindlers and Cyber Pirates

Swindles and identity theft are increasing rapidly. New and ingenious ways are
invented daily to compromise a company’s good name, financial assets and
cyber security. A stolen identity enables a thief to get credit cards, loans and more
in your name.

We will explore ways that fraudsters try to con entrepreneurs and ways they
may trick your customers into divulging data. You will learn how crooks obtain your
information and assess your vulnerability.

Discussion will include how to thwart tricksters, security tips and ways to protect
customers’ information.

Participants will receive a list of resources including powerful actions to help
protect your identity and assets.

Please click here to contact Maya to arrange seminars or presentations
for groups of 10 or more.

“Maya Sullivan spoke to our women's networking group and uplifted us all.
She is an excellent presenter, well informed and inspires business owners to
succeed.” -Rae Ann H.

“She had great rapport with her students; relating complicated information in
an informal, easy manner.” -Patricia B.

“Ms. Sullivan is an exceptionally skilled presenter. When she spoke at the
Skagit Valley Writers League …she was professional and relatable. I highly
recommend her for speaking engagements.” -Sharon A.

"Thank you for your presentation last week at the Network of Women group,
Maya. You are a  very polished speaker and had great content too." -Jean K.

"Excellent interaction with participants." - Eric H.