Dare To BYOB empowers people to be their own boss by
tapping into their vocational passion, exploring opportunities
and creating a venture that ignites one's enthusiasm.

The book was written to serve people who desire to be their
own boss and make a difference in their own unique way.

It is an invaluable resource for business startups.

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"This combination self-assessment and idea starter should spark the
interest of anyone with entrepreneurial drive. ... Debut author Sullivan,
herself an entrepreneur and small-business trainer, enters a crowded
category but sets her work apart with its good intentions. Rather than
supply the how-to advice commonly found in most be-your-own-boss
books, Sullivan explores the motivational aspects of pursuing the
entrepreneurial dream while also providing a wealth of business ideas. ...
Sullivan applies a refreshing amount of altruism to her choice of categories
that should give would-be entrepreneurs a sense of purpose as they
consider what entrepreneurial risk takers as well as a treasure trove of
-Kirkus Reviews "Kirkus Indie Books of the Month" - August 2015

"Many people dream about starting their own businesses and working for
themselves, but few are confident enough to forgo a steady paycheck and
leap into the unknown. Sullivan, a self-admitted serial career reinventor,
seeks to increase the odds of success in this in-depth informative guide.
The key, she states, is to discover what excites your passion and then
match it with a venture. ... While Sullivan doesn't claim to have a roadmap
to success, she does arm readers with knowledge that will be handy in
getting there."
-Book Life by Publishers Weekly

"Impressively well written, organized and presented by an expert in her
Dare To Be Your Own Boss: Follow Your Passion, Create a
is as thoroughly 'user friendly' as it is informed and informative. Very
highly recommended for community and academic library Small Business
Entrepreneur instructional reference collections, it should be noted for
personal reading lists that
Dare To Be Your Own Boss is also available in
a Kindle edition ..."
- Midwest Book Review

"If you think you want to own your own business or if you already do own
your business and are thinking of making a change, you need this book.
The author draws on her years of experience and meticulous research to
provide information that can help you discover if business ownership is for
you and, if so, what sort of business. ... There is an abundance of ideas
and information in this book and really it is a workshop you can take on
your own. .... It would make an excellent gift if you know someone who is
thinking of striking out on their own but not quite sure how to go about it."
- New Spirit Journal by Krysta Gibson

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