Preventing Identity Theft & Scams

Advancements in technology have helped ignite rampant ID theft, scams and the “dark web.” New and ingenious
ways are being created daily to compromise a person’s identity and good credit. Potential victims include children,
teens and adults. When a thief steals one’s identity, they can get new credit cards, a driver’s license, rent a condo,
borrow money and a multitude of other things.

In addition to exploring scams, you will learn about ways to help protect your good credit, setting alerts, credit
freezes, reviewing credit reports, discovering if you are on the dark web and other helpful tips.

Navigating the World of Credit
Learn how to navigate the world of credit in this succinct workshop. We will cover credit scores-why they
are important and how to improve them, reviewing credit reports quarterly, credit cards that pay rewards
or cash, setting credit and fraud alerts, the various types of finance charges, obtaining loans, managing
credit challenges, becoming debt free and avoiding financial sinkholes. You will also learn about discovering
unclaimed money that is legally due you.

Financial Insights for Boomers
Gain a clearer understanding of your own economic situation and create a financial future that enhances
your well-being in this easy-to-understand class. We'll discuss topics critical to those nearing or currently
in retirement, including current and lifelong budgets, reducing expenses, creating income, navigating credit,
an overview of types of investments, investing wisely, financial bubbles and much more.

10 Ways to Navigate Cycles: The Ebb & Flow of Sales
The ebb and flow of sales are a normal part of the business landscape. Your enterprise may have a
steady increase in sales, then plateau or decline. Slow sales can increase stress and cause enthusiasm and
motivation to disappear.

When this happens, it is wise to hit the pause button and explore 10 ways to navigate an ebb time. This
includes the  causes of cycles, assessing marketing activities, the 80/20 rule of revenue, creating a niche,
reigniting enthusiasm and other ideas to help move your business forward.

Discover a Business Idea That Ignites Your Passion
Entrepreneurial passion is integral to success. You will learn ten keys to find ideas that ignite your passion
and the type of customers you feel impassioned to serve. You will explore trends and opportunities to
create your special niche. The workshop can help you create a viable business idea that
resonates and is a good fit.

Make Writing a Business: The Nitty-Gritty of Being an Author Entrepreneur
Expand your writing passion to embrace entrepreneurship. Participants will discover resources to
help manage their writing ventures. Learn the basics of a writing enterprise such as home office deductions,
sales taxes and tax reseller agreements. Topics include domain names, websites, accepting credit cards,
bank accounts, crowdfunding, paperless filing systems, business plans and more.

10 Traits for Entrepreneurial Success
Entrepreneurs come in a variety of personalities and backgrounds. Some demand attention when they
enter a room. Others are low-key and may go unnoticed in a gathering of exuberant personalities.
Inner characteristics—not outward persona—are what help an individual be successful. You can learn to be
profitably self-employed provided you are passionate about your business and acquire the attributes
necessary to achieve your dream.

This seminar explores traits such as financial realism, passion, prudent decision making and seven more.
The essence is about strengths that help entrepreneurs succeed.

Market Research: Exploring the Viability of Your Business Idea
Research provides insight into the reality behind the dream. It offers clarity and can save time and money
in starting a business. Participants will learn how to gain a better understanding of various industries and
potential niches. This workshop covers what and how to research including 38 sources of information
and 21 topics to explore.

Making It Happen: 50 Action Steps to Start Your Business
Action is powerful magic. It propels you forward into new territory, every step moving you closer to your
dreams and new opportunities. This workshop covers 50 steps to starting your business along with
many resources. Included are areas such as bank accounts, credit card providers, domain names and websites,
startup capital, insurance, licensing, legal structure, pricing, business plan and more. Participants will
gain an understanding of many of the vital steps to creating a new enterprise.

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